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Parada Foundation

Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Course

for only 59 Euro


Becoming a Certified ADHD Specialist


Teachers with a general teaching degree teach students who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) every day.  But it is teachers who have taken the time to learn about unique teaching styles and learning methods for ADHD students that are making a dramatic difference in the lives of ADHD students both in governmental and private schools.


An ADHD specialist is someone who works with children who are diagnosed with ADHD, which can include a range of behaviors and challenges.  ADHD specialists who obtain an advanced ADHD certification learn the specific skills necessary to work with these children and help them meet their goals.


The Parada Foundations ADHD Training course will prepare you for understanding the challenges involved in working with ADHD children and guide you in building your skill set to create a positive classroom that nurtures and grows all of its students.


After successfully completing the Parada Foundations ADHD Training course, you will find many new and exciting job prospects opening up in your professional teaching career.  We have found that employers of international schools, private schools, learning centers and daycares have a very strong positive reaction to our teachers and their ability to teach any child regardless of the students learning capabilities or challenges.   At Parada Foundation we believe every child should be given the chance to learn. 

Actual pictures talen at the Paradanusorn School

About the course
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Total Fee is: 59 EURO  

(approx. 2200 THB,  69 USD/ 470 CNY) 

* Fee includes ADHD certificate

Issuance of the Parada ADHD Certificate is dependent on students successful completion of all 10 ADHD modules

As part of your ADHD course or after your certification, you are invited to take part in teaching actual students at the Paradanusorn School in Uttaradit, Thailand at no additional cost.

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